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At My Wits End w/ Variax
by MWolfkiel on 2012-12-23 09:31:08

This is my 2nd JTV59 Variax that I am having the same problems with. The 1st one I received worked fine until I tried to update to the new flash 1.90 on my Mac. That update procedure proceeded to erase all of the software in the variax leaving it worthless; only the mag pickups would work. I was told that there was an issue with my version of Mac and that procedure. So I returned that JTV59 in exchange for another one. I got that one, and the battery wouldn't charge. So I had to request a new battery. I got the replacement battery and proceeded to update the 2nd Variax to flash 1.90. Thos time I did it on my PC, which I ws told should work...well it didn't. The same thing happenned, except this time Monkey said the update worked but all of the software is rendered useless and only the mag pick ups work. Seriously WTF!!. Don't release tis shit unless it works. I'm now going to have to return this one and get a refund. Oh at the same time, my POD HD500's USB pins broke, so that is being sent in for replacement as well. Some one convinve me not to return this shit and go to a regular RELIABLE tube and pedal set up.

Re: At My Wits End w/ Variax
by TomR00 on 2012-12-23 11:37:50

Sorry to hear you frustration with you JTV.

I got my JTV69S (Korean) at the beginning of 11/2012. I had to reflash mine 3 times before I got it right. I was using the usb adapter that came with the JTV. Was using a desktop tower computer with Win7, I didn't get a good update until I plugged the usb cable directly into the motherboard at the rear of the computer, not sure why that was, just saw it mentioned here a few times and thought I would give it a try.

If your HD500 usb port is damaged now maybe it wasn't working 100% when you tried flashing the JTV.

Seems the quality of the latest built line 6 JTV and POD stuff is better than the early built equipment.

Only you can make the decision whether to go analog all the way, there's not doubt it has a longer track record, but is usually bulkier to transport, good luck.


Re: At My Wits End w/ Variax
by AndyWelsh on 2012-12-24 04:58:17


I have a Korean JTV69 and I too had a heart attack when installing the latest firmware (via my HD500 variax link) on a Win7 pc and being told "Update Successful" by Monkey, but only in fact having the mags working.

However, I wondered if it was just that the guitar had gone to sleep after installing the update (despite having the volume on full to avoid this and also never having had this issue before when updating). So I tried unplugging the cable (cord) and eventually found after several gos that if I unplugged ALL the cables between variax, HD500, etc and even the pc(!), the guitar came back to life. Phew!

Hope this works in your case too.



Re: At My Wits End w/ Variax
by MWolfkiel on 2012-12-24 06:51:39

I appreciate the input; I really do want it to work because I love the flexibility of it. I'll give it a try when I get back from the holidays again and see what happens.

Re: At My Wits End w/ Variax
by faccurso on 2012-12-24 17:55:23

Hi MW,

Had a similar first set of circumstances as you: tried upgrading a JTV59 to Flash 1.90 from 1.71 (came with the guitar), on a Mac. Wiped it clean. Was left with Mag PU only. Not happy. (KNEW it wasn't the Mac!) Tried again the next day - this time to reinstall 1.71. After a few tries I'm back to where I was, at least. The difference? The only difference in my set up that I'm aware of that I plugged the USB directly into the iMac, rather than a USB extention port. No Java errors (sic). Completed the refresh (it took 10 - 15 minutes or so). 

Unfortunately, documentation seems to be an afterthought to the folks at Line 6. A shame really, cause it's not doing the guitars and the products justice. Tidbits like the above (no USB hubs) are scattered all over posts like this, FAQs, etc. If anyone from Line 6 is reading, a cookbook of WHAT (get Variax connected to computer, for example) then HOW (1. Download X, Download Y, Install X, Install Y, etc.,) nesting "recipes" if needed, in readable modules would be most welcome.

Hope the holidays - and your ax - treat you well, MW.


Re: At My Wits End w/ Variax
by AndyWelsh on 2012-12-26 05:33:46


Er... the very top Document in the Variax Instrument Community Support Group list (written by Line6Hugo) is an update checklist!



Re: At My Wits End w/ Variax
by benjamindauer on 2012-12-27 11:20:48

I'm now in the same boat. Just received my JTV-69, played it a while to check out all the models, etc. and then (sadly) updated the firmware to 1.9. It's now a brick just like yours - only the mag pickups work. What a waste. I've tried reverting to an older version of the firmware it shipped with (1.71) to no avail. I'm now on hold w/the tech support line...not sure what, if anything, they'll be able to do either. Will post back if I learn anything and good luck to you.

Re: At My Wits End w/ Variax
by benjamindauer on 2012-12-29 09:17:58

Nothing good to report. After spending 45 minutes on hold, I was promptly told to try different cables (USB/Cat5) and different computers - under his breath he said "preferrably a PC"...really? If you know that your software is going to crap out, or that there's even the POTENTIAL for it to crap out on a Mac, then you either a) have to stop claiming to support the Mac platform, or b) get your damn QA up to par w/the rest of the industry. So what next? They have to ship the guitar back to the mothership in LA and then, after some undisclosed amount of time, fix the problem and ship it back to me.

Not a ringing sales endorsement for this product line - within less than 4 hours w/the guitar, to have it die instantly when following the ordained instructions to 'update' the guitar firmware. So, is this what I am to expect EVERY time you issue an update? That it will brick my guitar and we'll have to go through this arduous process of me shipping it back to you, you fixing it, and you shipping it back to me?

So far not impressed at all.

Re: At My Wits End w/ Variax
by MWolfkiel on 2013-01-04 09:46:06

Okay,last night I was able to reinstall version 1.71 on the Variax and it worked, so the guitar is in a working mode. Tonight I will try to update to the newest version but am afraid of it causing the same issue. Wish me luck.

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