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Van Halen Amsterdam Tone POD HD 500
by fechart on 2012-12-23 17:40:42

Hi there!

I reached to this incredible tone by chance, last night I was listening to the song Amsterdam by Van Halen, and had the feeling that the ENGL model would fit this tone (yes, ENGL)... So I used some tricks to get rid of the ENGL's boom and massiveness, and added some treble to obtain that killer nasty-glassy tone of the album Balance.

Thetrick here is to add a Blue Comp Treble in front of the amp to illuminate it, and use a couple of parametric EQs to get rid of some frequencies.

As usual, I use a 4 Band Shift EQ to sculpt the tone firstly, and then I work on specific frequencies using the Parametric or Mid Focus EQ.

I also use VERY LOW GAIN (20%) on the amp.

Finally, I added just the exact amount (mix) of Analog Flanger to make it perfect!!!

NOTE: This tone was made to use with COMBO POWER AMP OUTPUT MODE

Other Output modes may sound very bad, I tried Studio Direct through my Thonet & Vander system and sounds very trebly and lacking of warmth, like an artificial tone; very bad... So if you want to "translate" this tone to use it with other output modes, you´ll have to tweak it perhaps a lot.

Hope you like it!!!!

P.S.: JIM: give it a try, I know you use Combo Power Amp mode with your JVM!!!


Re: Van Halen Amsterdam Tone POD HD 500
by vidaljuanes on 2012-12-24 02:45:28

Gracias fechart, en unos dias llegare a mi casa y lo probare.

te enviare alguno de mis preferidos.

Thank you, in a few days will arrive at my house and I'll prove.
I'll send you some of my favorites.

Re: Van Halen Amsterdam Tone POD HD 500
by fechart on 2012-12-25 15:23:46

De nada Juanes, espero que te guste!



You´re wellcome Juanes, I hope you like it!



Re: Van Halen Amsterdam Tone POD HD 500
by vidaljuanes on 2012-12-27 05:55:22

Holas estoy probando tu patch, te adjunto algunos de los mios.




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