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POD XT Live with Metal Shop and Pod Farm Free?
by willrock1022 on 2012-12-28 10:39:57

Hi there, I have a somewhat open ended question.

     I just bought a POD XT Live from a friend last night and I downloaded the free version of POD Farm 2.5 for my Mac. I played with pod farm for a bit and soon noticed that I needed the Metal Pack for a lot of the tones I found on I really want those metal pack tones but I don't want to spend all the money for the full version of POD Farm. Is it possible that if I bought the $50 model pack, that I could just use them on my XT Live? Or is there a better way to do things?

     I would love opinions and suggestions on top of the answer. I am new to the POD family and this is my first time playing with POD farm.

Thanks in advance.

Re: POD XT Live with Metal Shop and Pod Farm Free?
by TheRealZap on 2012-12-28 11:27:27

you can get the metal pack and use the tones on the XT no problem...

you still won't be able to use those in pod farm though without buying a pod farm license.

to work with the tones on your XT without pod farm you need to use gearbox, it is free and compatible with the model packs.

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