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Assigning Spider Jam's Amp Models to FBV Express Mk2
by oldrascal on 2012-12-29 07:09:21

Do I feel lke a klutz.............perhaps the Christmas excesses have frazzled too many neurons but I am completely stuck, bamboozled and confused .  

I have enjoyed owning and using a Line 6 Jam amp for a while now and am pretty familiar with its controls.  But I have just treated myself to an FBV Express Mk2 with the simple aim of assigning some of the amp models on the Spider Jam to each of the 4 pedals on the FBV.

I have downloaded the Line 6 FBV Control programme to my computer, linked it to the FBV with a USB cable and studied the options.  My first problem is that the software says that no Line 6 device is connected even though the software is clearly active.   But that aside, I still can't understand how to assign say - Clean, Twang, Blues and Crunch choices to the ABCD pedals.  The tones and volume levels already assigned are just not right for me.  Everything else (tuner/volume/wah) work just fine.


Re: Assigning Spider Jam's Amp Models to FBV Express Mk2
by james_beagan on 2013-02-21 08:34:58

I'm having the same trouble!!!!!!!! I bought a pre-owned mk2 shortboard and am trying to learn how to clear whats there and then customise it to what I want. Downloaded the applicable software from Line 6 but now stuck.

Do I plug in the mk2 to the SpiderJam and and then connect the laptop to the mk2 and go through a process of all three comunicating with each other ??

Can anyone talk us through the process please or point us in the right direction.

Re: Assigning Spider Jam's Amp Models to FBV Express Mk2
by TheRealZap on 2013-02-21 09:01:21

the fbv edit, is only for use with a PC... make sure that you don't have the amp and the usb connected at the same time...

in the context of the amp the FBV is only a dumb controller... learn the amp... and the FBV will control it...

meaning... learn to put the settings you want to recall on your A/B/C/D channels in the amp... and the dumb FBV will recall them...

you don't need to involve a computer at all... specifically because we are talking about a spider jam... which is a spider III family amp... and has no computer editing capabilities.

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