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How to get my 'headphone' sound out loud?
by chonker on 2013-01-01 13:28:47

I've a pod x3 live, and really love the sound through my headphones, but when I play through my combo amp the sound is very muddy even when using the FX return instead of the main input.  It is a bit better if I turn off the cab simulation (which then sounds really tinny through headphones) but I want to be able to use the cab simulation too.

I'm want to spend some money but I'm not sure what I should get to get an 'uncoloured' sound.  The tech21 power engine seems to be for what I want, but I wonder if i'm missing something obvious like using a simple poweramp with a stage monitor speaker, or buying some studio monitors.  Studio monitors don't have large speakers though so I guess they wont be able to recreate the deep bass like the 12" in my cab.

Re: How to get my 'headphone' sound out loud?
by silverhead on 2013-01-01 14:31:56

To get the best sound from your amp, check the X3's Outputs pages. Set the 1/4" Live Outputs to Combo Front (not Match Studio Direct), which is the setting designed to give best results with your amp. Then connect the X3 L/MONO output to your amp's guitar input. On the top panel of the X3, set the Live Out Level switch to AMP. This setup will not affect your headphones sound.

But you're right - that won't be exactly the sound you hear from your headphones. What you've said about studio speakers is correct - you won't get the sound that you do from a 12" speaker, but for guitar (not bass) in a home studio/bedroom, a 6" or 8" studio monitor should work very well. The Tech21 is a popular choice among users here. You could also consider a keyboard amp, or a small PA system.

Re: How to get my 'headphone' sound out loud?
by chonker on 2013-01-01 23:38:53

I've had it in combo mode, and done a bit of playing around with the EQs  ut just can't get the clarity of tone that I have with headphones.  Having done some more reading last night I think what I need is an FRFR powered PA speaker?  I play a 7 and an 8 string guitar so a fair bit bassier than normal (especially if I go to dropped E!).

For less than the price of a tech21 power engine I could buy a mackie thump with a 12" or 15" which seems like it might be a good route to go.

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