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POD HD500 to L3T to L3M
by ibanezgod77 on 2013-01-02 13:03:22

I have kind of a remedial question I suppose, but I have looked quite a bit and haven't seen this particular setup.  What would be the pros and cons of connecting my HD500 via Line6 Link to the L3T then connecting that via Line6 Link to a L3M?  Will the EQ on the L3T carry over the sound to the L3M? Also, I see the few people that have posted, they are running just one L3 speaker with their setup.  Is there a distinct advantage in running two? or is one more than sufficient?

Re: POD HD500 to L3T to L3M
by silverhead on 2013-01-02 13:29:57

I have not yet received my L3t/m speakers but I have done a lot of research into them, and ordered them, and my understanding is as follows:

Yes, the EQ on the L3t will be carried over L6 Link to the L3m. While one vertically mounted L3t will be sufficient for many purposes, there are at least a couple of advantages to using an L3m as well:

- if the L3m is positioned vertically, the vertical L3t/L3m combination will be configured by L6 Link as a stereo L/R pair, allowing stereo FX from your HD500 to be used effectively.

- if the L3m is positioned horizontally it will be configured by L6 Link as a stage monitor, and both the L3t and the L3m will deliver a full, identical mono signal - one to the audience and one to you.

I stand to be corrected if anyone has had a different experience.

Re: POD HD500 to L3T to L3M
by ibanezgod77 on 2013-01-02 15:11:11

Could you do me a huge favor?  When you get your L3 speakers could you post your hands on findings on this?  As well as your personal opinion when running the HD500 through this system?  Did you order both the L3T and the L3M speakers?

Re: POD HD500 to L3T to L3M
by silverhead on 2013-01-02 15:27:46

Yes - I ordered both. I also ordered the L3s, but I plan to test/run a setup using just the L3t/L3m combination. I plan to run an acoustic guitar and vocal mic into the L3t mixer, and also an HD500 with JTV59 into the Aux inputs on the L3t back panel. The L3m will be set up vertically so the two speakers will work with L6 Link as a stereo pair. No promises as to when I may get around to reporting on this specific setup - I will probably just be having too much fun at the beginning to think about reporting.

Edit: Actually, I ordered 2 L3t speakers - not an L3m. But I do intend to run the above setup using only the inputs on one L3t. The second L3t is going to run just as a speaker for now, so it will behave exactly as the L3m would. I just wanted the second mixer for future expansion (e.g. a duo/trio) so I ordered 2 L3t's rather than one of each. To extrapolate on your original question, I would expect to be able to use all the inputs on both L3t units, connect them to each other via L6 Link in both directions, and have L6 Link treat them as a stereo pair, sending all EQ'ed and FX'ed signals from each to the other, in full stereo. Technically this should support 2 acoustic guitarists, 2 vocalists, and two additional stereo inputs (e.g. two Pod guitarists, or one electric guitarist and one keyboard player). We'll see.

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