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Pod HD Pro for Bassists
by stevemathews1 on 2013-01-03 06:29:15

Is there any chance, as a bassist (mostly) we'll be seeing an add on expansion pack for bassists using the Pod HD Pro?  I was advised when I bought mine that this was the way to go due to expandability and editing power etc.  We've seen one, count em'...ONE update to give us the "Flip Top" option!  What's up?? I really have enjoyed this piece, but am frustrated and feel like I was duped into buying it based on a hyped up promise!  I realize bassist are not the center of your target, but, I had more sound options on my good ol Bass Pod! Come on Line 6! You can do better than this!!

Re: Pod HD Pro for Bassists
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-03 06:34:09

i've never seen this promise anywhere on this site... perhaps you had an eager sales person...

Re: Pod HD Pro for Bassists
by killergege on 2013-01-04 08:51:43

And never buy something hoping it will be updated with a feature you absolutely need : buy it for its current features and be happy if you have new exciting things !

I keep using my POD X3 for my bass and the HD500 for my guitar...

Re: Pod HD Pro for Bassists
by Ed_Saxman on 2013-01-04 15:28:05

This afternoon I have been testing doing recordings and listening carefully, and now I find the Ampeg way too dark and bassy. There are many other models that sound great with a bass.

Try the "Line6 Doom" amp, setting the drive almost to the minimum. Or the Divide 9/15 with the drive-2 set to 0, and the drive-1 to 30%.
Other amps you can use: Vox AC30, Bassman, the Gibtone, or the Blackface Lux.

I really wish they would improve it in future updates, and bring us some other bass amp (something modern, not metal oriented) but I think you should do more tests with what you have now. Now record a Loop with your bass, open HD-Edit, and create different presets, with each amplifier you like (just amp).

Adjust the "low cut" parameter from the cab to reduce boomyness of some models. Try different Mic Options.

Go changing from one to another, adjusting the sound and comparing. You will be surprised!

So far I have used the Ampeg but I think I'll start using any of the others.

Re: Pod HD Pro for Bassists
by CairnsFella on 2013-01-04 17:37:17

As a bassist myself (though unfortunately, not a good one), I would certainly echo your enhusiasm for more bass amps. I have found that some of the guitar cabs are quite usable (in fact suprisingly so... it's just the psycological issue of knowing I am playing through a guitar amp that takes the shine off).

Cant say explicilty 'expected' any more amps though - just hoped based upon the support in prior devices.

However, even though I have now purchased an old (very old) modeller that offers more bass options to cover my bass needs, I still think that even just one more amp on the HD - if any more updates are forthcoming - wouldnt be too much to ask.

Re: Pod HD Pro for Bassists
by joel_brown on 2013-01-05 08:00:45

A little off topic,

How many bass players does it takes to screw in a light bulb ?     One, but the guitar player had to show him how to do it...

How many guitars players does it takes to screw in a light bulb ?      One, but then he goes on for hours about how great he did it and 99 other guitar players go on about how they could have done it better...

Re: Pod HD Pro for Bassists
by Ed_Saxman on 2013-01-06 02:15:01

CairnsFella escribió:

I have found that some of the guitar cabs are quite usable (in fact suprisingly so... it's just the psycological issue of knowing I am playing through a guitar amp that takes the shine off).

Many of the amps modeled in the pod had their version for bass, which was basically the same, but capable to handle more power. I think in the field of digital modeling should not think like amplifiers were real, because here there are no limitations guitar models had when plugging a bass. Sometimes the power of suggestion makes us choose an amp or effect by name (or even his pretty little picture) instead of listening to the resulting sound.

By the way, the Hiwatt is definitely one of my favorite amplifiers for bass! I tried with the settings the user Karl_Houseknecht published here:">">

I had to make some adjustments to suit my taste (volume on the amplifier and compressor : Ch. vol 50%, Tube Comp Thresh 81%), and I'm pleased with the sound it gives!

Concerning the psycological issue, please, take a look here:">">">">

Another very important thing to remember is to change the "Guitar In-Z" parameter from your presets for bass. You may already know this, but I used to plug my Variax 705 with VDI cable, and when I plugged it with Jack and I left the "Guitar-Z in" auto mode was scared of the dark and dull sounding. Even thought it was a problem of my cables, or even of the Variax Bass DI box, but the fault was that setting. I changed it to "1M" and then it sounded as usual.

Re: Pod HD Pro for Bassists
by CairnsFella on 2013-01-06 15:38:01

Some nice points Ed. And I dont think I have tried the Hiwatt, so I'll certainly be giving that a blast when I get home.


... and I cant believe Joel got a 'like' for that joke

Re: Pod HD Pro for Bassists
by Ed_Saxman on 2013-01-09 03:04:48

While I've been trying to get a good bass sound of each amp model included in the pod, I found three basic categories of amps in this regard: 1-The well-functioning, 2 - "Can work, but ..", 3 - "Never use this with a bass" (I can´t get no satisfaction ").

Fortunately, the Category 1 is the majority, and group 2 is still usable or at least interesting.
Most amps I do not like for bass, I do not like either for the guitar, so I think this falls under what was expected.

I learned a lot by reading the tremendous guide written by Meamboobo, especially about the fine tuning of the cabs, equalizers, and low frequencies management.

The pod HD series definitely works with a bass, but requires a lot more work with every amp and cab.
While in a guitar preset what matters is the final outcome (defined as the combination of amp and effects), with a bass, the sound you get from the amplifier is the primary factor. The effects are almost irrelevant here, unless you're a soloist bassist who likes to use those special FX (or just for fun).

Maybe it's a good idea to open a specific thread to discuss bass settings for HD series and share our findings.


Here it is">">

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