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No Battery Life?.....
by kelven on 2013-01-04 14:20:30

I received my JTV59P this week (Wednesday night) and charged the battery as instructed (left it for at least an extra hour after it was indicating it was fully charged). I tried to connect to update to the latest flash but after failing to get the USB interface to work i gave up - however whilst i couldnt do this the battery indicator on the guitar was indicating it was fully charged (full set of green lights nr the battery compartment when the button was pressed).

Today i saw the other posts about making sure you also have the 1/4 lead plugged in - so when i got home i tried this but for some odd reason there is no longer any life from the battery? when i press the button on the back of the guitar there are no lights. but if i pop the battery back into the charger it straight away starts flashing to show it's fully charged?

Any ideas what could have happened?....... i double / triple / thousand time checked the battery's connected correctly - seriously doing my head in! At present can only get the mag pickups to work via the 1/4 jack?.......

Thanks for any suggestions.......

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