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Vetta II has a darkening effect on my signal...
by TheMagicHoof on 2013-01-07 02:55:54

I'm running some pedals and stuff into the Vetta II and it seems to have a darkening effect. I've tried running into the front of it with pedals, and i've tried having the pedals in the loop set to 100%. Each time I tried this, I had the amps off and the cabs off, so the signal should have been unaffected and sounded exactly the same. There's no EQ, reverb, or anything - nothing.

Why does the Vetta have this darkening effect?

Re: Vetta II has a darkening effect on my signal...
by TheMagicHoof on 2013-01-07 03:05:37

I forgot to mention that I'm running direct through the XLR outs. But I've also tracked a dual rectifier with the Vetta II side by side with exactly same settings and mic position, and the Vetta always seemed darker. I always needed to boost some of the higher end on the Vetta II to bring it up to par with the dual rectifier.

I'm guessing the Vetta is just overall an amp that's darker than usual, or something.

Re: Vetta II has a darkening effect on my signal...
by DickFoster on 2013-01-07 09:30:05

What is darker? Does it have something to do with tone? If so have you messed with the EQ stuff in the amp at all? Some of the built in factory patches are so bright I find them objectionable. 

You say you're using external pedals too, are they a good impedance match to the input of the amp? Are you putting the pedals in front of the amp between the guitar and amp or are you using the analog loop connections for your pedals.

Do you even need the pedals with the amp since it already has so many FX built in? 

I suggest trying to eliminate the pedals by plugging the guitar directly into the amp and trying some different patches to see how it sounds then. If brighter and more suitable then maybe it has something to do with the interaction of the pedal/pedals and the amp.

Edit: No two amps are ever going to sound the same. Even different make speakers will sound totally different.

Re: Vetta II has a darkening effect on my signal...
by TheMagicHoof on 2013-01-10 13:15:24

The sound itself is darker. It's like there's a pretty good LPF being added to it. I haven't messed with the EQ as mentioned in an earlier post. The pedals I've used are a good match. I've tried putting the pedals both in front and in the loop as mentioned in an earlier post as well.

I understand that no two amps will sound the same and neither will speakers, but that's not really the point. What I'm saying is that no matter what, the Vetta darkens anything I put into it. If I bypass the amp model, cab, all EQ and literally everything just to get a 'DI' type sound, the sound is much darker than usual. When I capture a proper DI with a DI box and compare that to the DI sound that's mentioned in the Vetta manual, the Vetta darkens it. This applies to both the XLR outs, and running to a cab.

For example, run a Boss GT pedalboard into the Vetta and record something (either with a mic/cab or direct via XLR outs), and make sure all FX/cabs/amps/etc are turned off. Then record directly out of the Boss GT. You'll see that the Vetta darkens it for some reason.

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