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G50 Range Question
by huds85 on 2013-01-07 14:11:18

OK... first of all, I'm a wireless newbie... I've been researching systems and talking to musician freinds and have one final question before I spring for a G50.

I play in a bar band and we're typically NOT up on a stage or anything... at the same level as the patrons - I plan on sticking the receiver down on my pedal board.  With our revised line-up, we have a couple spots in our sets where the singer and I will head out into the audience wandering around. I've had a few people "warn me" that in a good-sized crowd if the transmitter doesn't have a somewhat unobstructed line of sight to the receiver I could experience dropouts (these were owners of *other* wireless systems).  So... considering my receiver would be down on the floor my question is "Will that be a problem?" 

I could possibly switch around how I have things wired and stick the receiver on top of my amp, but I use a combo so that typically will only add 36-40 inches depending on what I put the amp on.

Is this a "dude... don't worry about it" thing?

Thanks in advance!

Re: G50 Range Question
by sdevino on 2013-01-07 16:41:05

It really depends on how dense the crowd is and whether or not the room reflects the signal, and how far you are planning to travel.

If you dive deep into a crowd and are only 20 or 30 feet from the receiver you will probably be ok in most cases. If you really want to be safe just use a short length of antenna cable (availabel on our website) to put one of the antennas up a little higher. you will also need a bullet style BNC turn around which you can get for a couple of dollars from any Radio shack.


Re: G50 Range Question
by huds85 on 2013-03-04 08:43:01

Wanted to provide an update... I purchased the G50 system.  Did my first gig with it last Saturday and everything worked fine.  It was a 4 set night - used the wireless for a full 3 sets (approx 45 minutes each) and 3 songs from the 4th set.  Battery life indicator on receiver only showed down 1 LED at end of night (turned transmitter off when not in use).   I did one trip into the audience... probably 50-70ft around the back of the bar and return through a fairly thick crowd in spots.  No noticeable drop out.  So far, I'm a happy camper.

I did get an extension for one antenna so I could mount it a bit higher up (on mic stand)...

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