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midi cable
by primeholy on 2013-01-11 20:42:54

So, if I get a midi cable, can I get settings from other users to download? I just got my m13 today to use with my Mesa Mark V and see that there is gonna be a bit of a learning curve. This is the first line6 product I have purchased. Im also gonna have to get a midi to usb cable.

Re: midi cable
by primeholy on 2013-01-11 20:44:28

I will say also that this forum has a learning curve!

Re: midi cable
by echoraven on 2013-03-04 12:32:45

I have not seen user settings for the M13, probably because it just models stompboxes as opposed to amp/effects combinations. I normally just either listen to a song and try to derive what effects are used for find some resources on the net for what my favorite artist use and their settings. For example if they use a tube screamer; the M13 has an emulation for one.

I've built up a really neat scene that sounds like the beginning for "Good Morning" from "The Dandy Worhols"...

Re: midi cable
by kevanprince on 2013-03-19 23:04:57

I agree about the forum. It's the most annoying forum I've ever used lol. I'm used to it now but still...

The M13 is easy. You'lll get used to it quickly if you haven't already. It's easy but it's awesome. The only place I've seen patches so far is at, but they're just pics IIRC. I tend to just pick an effect I want to use, then tweak it a bit until I like it...just like a real stompbox. <3 my M13.

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