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HD-500 to Roland GR-55
by kevincolvin on 2013-01-16 11:00:08

Hi Everyone I've been a X3 live player now for 2-3 years and just ordered a pod HD-500. I also have a Roland GR-55 . I also have 3 guitars outfitted with the gk-3 pickup. Recently I've been using the X3 thru my bogner alchemist and the Roland thru the pa with the gk hooked to the GR-55 with my regular guitar input hooked to the the X3. I'm getting some pretty awsome mixed tones. My question is: Is there a way to hook the 2 pedals together and how?

I was reading another forum where someone had done just that and they really didn't explain how to hook it up but they did talk about how awsome it was and how powerful the combination was.I mostly use a good clean channel and a good metal dirty channel on the pod but I find that some material I play I want to tone down just a little from the all out assault of the dirty sound.

So the plan is to combine the HD-500 with the Roland GR-55 and sell the X3 and a roland VG 99 and basically downsize to what suits me on stage. I would appreciate any input on my quest. Thanks Kevin

Re: HD-500 to Roland GR-55
by bmoyer on 2013-01-16 13:03:45

I don't know if this translates to the GR-55, but I use a GR-20 and run the left output into the AUX input on the HD500, and when I want to use the GK-3 I have an HD patch that uses no amp model and mutes the guitar input.  Then it runs out to a FFFR keyboard amp and sounds pretty nice.  Hope this helps.

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