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L3t Acoustic Body effect and M20d / L6 LINK?
by silverhead on 2013-01-17 09:46:41

Here's my relevant equipment:

- Martin D28 acoustic

- JTV-59 with Pod HD Pro

- StageScape M20d

- StageSource L3t (x2) and one L3s

Setup: M20d L6 LINK to L3s, then chaining L6 LINK to both of the L3t speakers. HD Pro audio outputs are connected to an M20d stereo input pair. The JTV-59/HD Pro combination is working really well, and through L6 LINK it comes through clearly in all speakers.

I really like the sound of the acoustic guitar into the L3t Channel 1 because of the  acoustic 'body' modeling in the L3t. I have not been able to get as good  a sound by going into the M20d, even with the wealth of M20d FX/DSP.

I am experimenting with two setups for the Martin acoustic, but can't seem to get what I want:

a) DI into the M20d: the acoustic guitar comes through clearly in all speakers over L6 LINK, but doesn't sound as good as:

b) DI into Channel 1 of one L3t using Acoustic Body modeling; the acoustic guitar sounds better to me but only seems to be heard in the one L3t speaker to which it is connected. It is not passed via L6 LINK to the second L3t.

So I am looking for help and suggestions to get the L3t Acoustic Body sound in my full mix, either by connecting my Martin into the M20d and tweaking a preset appropriately, or by connecting my Martin to one L3t speaker and arrange for the acoustic guitar to be heard in at least the other L3t speaker if not the L3s.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

I am looking for a solution that involves the M20d and L3s. I am aware of, and have successfully tested, the setup that involves just the 2 L3t speakers, cross-connected via L6 LINK, with the acoustic guitar in Channel 1 and the HD Pro into the rear panel Line Inputs on the L3t. This gives me what I want as a solo/duo performer but is not scalable to a larger band that requires the M20d/L3s.

Re: L3t Acoustic Body effect and M20d / L6 LINK?
by ArneLine6 on 2013-01-17 11:57:17

You could connect the M20d to the Line6 Link input and the guitar to the analog input with acoustic modeling. Then you connect the Mix Out to the analog input of the next speaker.

Re: L3t Acoustic Body effect and M20d / L6 LINK?
by silverhead on 2013-01-17 13:22:32

Thanks Arne. That works great. So simple - I should have tried that. For some reason I thought the Analog Outputs (Thru and Mix) and the L6 LINK outputs from the L3t would be an either/or situation. But both can be used simultaneously so the two L3t speakers are connected by both means - L6 LINK and Mix Out to Line In. Does the job perfectly. The L3s does not receive the acoustic guitar but there's really no need for it.

Thanks again.

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