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M20D wifi issue
by dazbec on 2013-01-27 05:14:35

Wifi connection problem


I used the M20D at a party tonight, at my brothers house, it sounded great, but I couldn't get the ipad to connect to the mixer?

This is the second time I have had my PA at this location, and both times it hasn't worked.

The only other place I have used it is at at home, and it works fine, so I don't understand what is going on. This scares me as we have a gig next week, where we intend to use the M20D, but at the moment, the ipad connectivity is sitting at 50%, which is not good enough.

I plug the dongle in, then go to settings on the ipad, where I can see the M20D wifi, I select it, and it connects. I then go to the app, and try to connect, but the ipad sits in a state of searching for the connection, then says it can't connect, and suggests I move it closer the to mixer. The ipad couldn't get any closer to the mixer, it's virtually sitting on top of the mixer. I tried changing the connection frequency, in the drop down menue on the mixer, from number one, to any of the 12 options, but  it continually reverted back to number one?

Does anyone have an answer to what is going on, as I am worried that we will get to this gig next week, where we need the ipad working, and it's going to fail on me again?



Re: M20D wifi issue
by dboomer on 2013-01-27 11:51:35

Does it work normally in other venues?  Is there anything else close by that is also sending Wi-Fi like a laptop or cell phones?

Have you checked to see how many other wireless networks are close by?  You can look at your phone or a laptop and see how many it shows that you could sign onto.  Even better if your laptop can show you what channels they are on so you can select another channel with less competition.  I'm not certain why you are having a problem selecting channels but try again.  I'm not aware of any known issue here.  One more thing to try is to remove the Stagescape network on your iPad and start it over again in case there is some glitch on the iPad.

Also since you have the mixer on a table you may have line of sight issues as well.  You can try using a short USB extension cable and raising the dongle higher up in the air.

Re: M20D wifi issue
by SirChipALot on 2013-01-27 14:49:23

Hey dazbec. Had the same exact problem you described. Stumped me for weeks. Then had the bright idea to turn the iPad off and then turn it on again. Worked like a charm! I put it on the last channel #11 just to be safe from any other wifi interference. Hope that works for you. The remote ap is awesome!

Re: M20D wifi issue
by dazbec on 2013-01-27 16:38:38

The only other venue I've used it, is at my house, where we have 2 Marc's, iPhones and a home wifi network. My iPhone and the home network appear in the iPad's wifi options list when choosing a network. It works fine at home. At my brother's house, there are multiple wifi networks that show up on the ipad, but I chose the M20D, and a tick appeared next to the M20D's name, so it should have worked? I haven't tried it at any other venues, as we are a tribute band that gets paid a lot of money for a show, and I'm not taking it out till I can be confident that its gonna work how it's supposed to.

Re: M20D wifi issue
by dazbec on 2013-01-27 16:41:33


I will try that today, thanks. If that doesn't work, I will also try deleting the app, and downloading it again. It still doesn't answer why on the actual M20D, I couldn't swap network frequency's, it just kept reverting back to frequency 1?

Re: M20D wifi issue
by dazbec on 2013-02-02 13:48:03


I used the mixer at a gig yesterday, and I was having the same problem of the ipad not connecting to the mixer. I turned both the mixer off, and the ipad off, and started again. It worked, the ipad connected. It was still frustrating, as I was trying to mix a quick capture song, and it kept disconnecting, then reconnecting, which made it impossible to mix. I ended up ditching the ipad, and using the mixer instead. I have updated the mixer, which was now letting me select different wifi frequency connections, which I tried several, but still had the same issue.

Re: M20D wifi issue
by dboomer on 2013-02-02 19:26:13

Once you install the v1.1 firmware you MUST delete the iPad app and get the new version of the app.  The old app will not work with an updated mixer.

Re: M20D wifi issue
by savaf on 2013-02-09 15:21:41

hi there

i got the same problem

sometimes plugging out the wifi connector (and then back in) does the jab, but not always.

also i have two iPads - first and second models.

and the problem occurs with iPad two.

iPad 1 works in a situation when iPad 2 doesn't. maybe it is hardware issue?

Also i'd like to ask you something,

dboomer, dont know real name.

you are from support team, aren't you?

would you tell me who do i contact to for raising the issue of a new firmware 1.1?

as much as i like your product, as little i understand the purpose of these changes,

especially recording mode, which in my opinion has lost part of usability.

i use the item quite intensively and have some clear understanding of what else should be added

to make this product really unbeattable for next years.

for example, i suggest playback + streaming to comp option.

it is because when i run live perfomances i pay attention to the sound in the hall,

and therefore the main mix file is recorded unbalanced. so before putting it into computer

i do some remixing to compansate. and then i would like to plug into computer,

turn playback and start streaming all lines into the DAW.

right now it is impossible, as eather works playback or streaming.

for now i have to record another version of main mix file separetely.

another good idea is playback + record option as this option would let it be used as a multitrack recorder

for making step by step records. if it is programmable, stagescape would also enter another market niche.

overall, so many ideas around, and so strange update :)))

please, do let me know who i should conact for constractive dialogs


Re: M20D wifi issue
by ArneLine6 on 2013-02-09 22:35:33

Hi Savaf,

Thank you for your feedback. We want to hear our customers feedback and you can be sure that everyone at line6 who works on the StageScape gets the relevant forum posts. You can also send a private message to me or contact customer service. Feature requests are always captured and directed to the right people.

I understand your requests for a more flexible recorder and we are constantly improving the features. At the moment the way to mix your tracks after the show on a computer would be to take the SD card and copy it to your computer. The idea to have the StageScape stream all files to the computer, maybe pre or post processing, is great. Could you give us some more detail about what usability got lost in the new firmware? We added some features like markers, mute inputs, time remaing counter, see filenames, play files from any source.



Re: M20D wifi issue
by savaf on 2013-02-10 06:19:34

hi, Arne

nice to hear that you do collecting and analizing information from users.

about recording mode.

as i told before, i normally remix main mix later as during live recording i run the sound inside the venue.

initial remixing on board is overall a quite convinient thing. even when the recording sounds generally ok i often like to make some changes experimenting and listen how it sounds before transferring to the comp.

in the version of 1.0 i could completely execute this from recording mode. i could find the file, start playback, correct volumes of instruments and go to tweaking by double clicking the knob.

what happens in a version 1.1? when i do remixing i obviouly start the song over and over again.

you might already have understood my troubles by now :). here is the algorithm:

press recording - start song - press perfomance - do mixing - go to tweaking (song finished)- press recording -

start song- go to tweaking (song finished) - go to recording - start the song -

go to perfomance - do mixing (song finished)... and so on and so far.

i would really prefer to have a previous version! :))))

yes, the marker are very useful, and time showing and 10sec option

but for me there is a huge BUT.

all these does not compensate all usability which i lost.

(actually it would be more correct to call it play/record mode - in this case the name would help to understand the needs) generally speaking, all these marker and time things could be included in a previous view of recording wimdow.

that is pretty much all i had to say about it.

for meantime, i would prefer to stick to 1.0 but wonder if it is possible at all?

(since iPad software has been already changed and apple store does not seem to provide the access to older version of its content)

question to you - is it possible?

also i will think about other suggestions and write to you later.


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