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POD HD500 Edit and the DT50 "Hidden" Parameters
by theoptimizers on 2013-01-29 14:22:34

NOTE: I originally posted this in the DT50 User's Group. But, there aren't as many participants (or there wasn't much interest).  So, I thought I'd give it a shot here in this (more active) forum.


The POD HD500 Edit program is great.  But, it sould have a way to change the DT50 "Hidden" parameters, especially the 12AX7 Boost (which apparently does affect DT25 amps).

I see controls in POD HD500 Edit for the power amp operating class, power amp tube configuration, and the topology.

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 11.30.12 AM.png

But, there are no controls for these parameters:

• 12AX7 Boost (on DT50 amplifiers only)

• Phase Inverter B+ Voltage (on DT50 amplifiers only)

• Feedback Capacitor type (on DT50 amplifiers only)

I believe these parameters are changed based on the amp model selected.  But, since they are DT50 specific, they may be excluded to avoid conflicts.

Does anyone know if these parameters are important enough to care about, or if there are plans to update POD HD500 Edit to include them?



Re: POD HD500 Edit and the DT50 "Hidden" Parameters
by radatats on 2013-01-30 03:26:53

You can edit the 'hidden' parameters and more with DT Edit, available at">">

Full thread for DT Edit discussion here:">">

Might as well give it a shot.  I know it works awesome with my DT25 and yes the Boost does work!

Re: POD HD500 Edit and the DT50 "Hidden" Parameters
by theoptimizers on 2013-01-30 08:51:58

Yes, I know this.   I wrote a (less polished) Mac Version DT editor. I can retrieve and store these parameter directly in the amp easily through MIDI commands.

But, my question relates to using the HD500, rather than using only the DT amp.

If I have a patch in POD HD500 Edit, I can't set the "hidden parameters" as far as I can tell. I'd like to create HD500 patches that sound the same as the tones I get straight to the DT50.  It seems the clean tones I get without the HD500 sound dirtier when I try to replicate them through the HD500.  I'm trying to find the differences in my parameters, and these "hidden" parameters are the most obvious differences.

So, I guess my follow-up question to you would be, have you tried to use the 12AX7 Boost in an HD500 patch?  I know there is a "Boost" effect in HD500 Edit.  But, is it really using the DT 12AX7 Boost in the DT or is it simply amplifying the signal in the HD500?

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