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POD HD500 Output separation
by urbanacrobat on 2013-01-31 23:46:48


I'm looking at grabbing an HD500 to replace a myriad of pedals and allow me greater tonal flexibility via patches etc.

I mix beatboxing/looping/vocals ala Dub FX, with guitar, and I was hoping the HD500 would handle both signal paths in the one unit, to run out into my BOSS RC300 looper

What I want to do is use the dual tone feature to make [guitar input > Channel A] and [mic input > Channel B]. That seems easy enough, but the output routing is where there seems to be a problem.

As I understand it, the HD500 doesn't allow A/B to be individually routed to the 1/4inch and XLR outputs respectively without using the hard-pan method (Really frustrating seeing as the X3 Live could run separate stereo outputs, wish I hadn't sold mine years ago)

However, I'm thinking there might be a way to treat an FX send block + 1/4inch FX send outputs as channel A's output (guitar, stereo) and then use the left XLR output as channel B's output (vocals).

Is there a way to route the above idea? I.e., is there a way to get a separate output for the guitar and vocal channels while maintaining the stereo guitar signal? Seeing as the RC300 looper has a stereo guitar input and mono XLR input, I couldn't utilize stereo from the vocal output from the POD anyway, so that doesn't matter.

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Anywho, If that's all a dead end, my next question is - Will outputting stereo vocal, and stereo guitar channels, together through the POD's 1/4inch outputs (then into the RC300's 1/4inch inputs) create any forseeable issues?

It would be awesome to have the dual tone feature running MIDI-synced stereo delay patches on both the A and B channels, but I feel like if the two paths come from the same output jacks, I'm gonna get some sort of mud, ducking issues or the like. This setup would actually be ideal, because the RC300 treats all its inputs as one source anyway, plus stereo is lots of fun.

Am I dreaming up a setup that won't work? I just want to be able to control my guitar and vocal effects efficiently and dump them in the looper without having a 30kg pedalboard.

Hope this is clear enough to make sense, thanks in advance for any responses/advice


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