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POD HD PRO recording thoughts
by jacobogden on 2013-02-01 04:48:31

So I am currently overseas and I decided to buy some new equipment for my studio and one thing I decided to get is the Line 6 POD HD PRO for those guys that have crappy amps and would be better off recording direct in through this awesome sounding unit. I will be setting it up to be used more like a reamping device, so it will go Guitar>Profire Interface Input 1 (DI CAPABLE)>Profire Out 3>Line in POD HD PRO>Balanced Out POD HD PRO>Profire Interface Input 2.

Now the questions start.

-Using the line input/output on the pod, will there be any less quality as long as its set to 96Khz out, or is that only for USB?

-If i decided to use my Universal Audio 710 preamp on the guitar, should I run it before or after it goes through the line 6 and is that even a good idea for tube and or solid state blending purpose

-Has anyone tried any hardware compressors on the POD HD PRO?

-Is a reamp device such as my radial X amp necessary between the Profire out and the Pod line in?

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