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Variax 300 G string at 2nd fret
by BeneeWafers on 2013-02-02 06:16:58

I have a Variax 300. On the G string at the second fret ( and only at that spot ) the note produced is distorted, sounds kind of sitarish. It certainly throws the sound of a chord off. It is only at that position on the guitar where that problem occurs. Thinking that it is a fret issue I was going to take the guitar to a luthier today but thought I should check in here first. Anybody had that experience and what is the solution to the problem?



Re: Variax 300 G string at 2nd fret
by amx05462 on 2013-02-02 07:33:29

certanly sounds  like a fret issue.. easily enough checked  with a  straight  edge.    if the fret is  high. it  might  have  raised  slightly. if you have a rubber  hammer  try  tapping  it  down.  if  that doesnt  fix  it  then  it probably needs  to be   filed  down  and  polished  in that spot.  ive  done that  plenty of times  on many guitars..   if you dont  know  how  best bet  is  to send  it  to someone  who does.another  method  of checking  it  is   to loosen  the string  .  and put the  point of a tooth  pick in the  nut to temporarily raise the  tstring  a bit  .. if  it   goes away then  the  fret is defenitly high.

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