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Using UX1/POD Farm with two guitars
by ADK46 on 2013-02-02 20:10:41

Hello all,

     I currently have a Spider III which I use for practice and have been very impressed with it and I am considering moving to a computer based setup. I am completely new to the whole computer based thing, but it looks like a great way to practice without all the hassle of gear all over the place. If this is the case my wife will profess her love to Line 6!! Anyway I got side tracked, I have a couple of questions and wonder if someone out there could answer them for me.

     1 - Is it possible to connect two guitars to the UX1, from what I can see it looks possible using a passive DI and connecting through the mic input. I understand the UX2 has two 1/4" inputs but the second input seems to be for high output guitars. The reason I ask is my brother comes to visit from time to time, and it's really a pain for him to lug his amp and guitars on a road trip with limited space just so we can jam. Hopefully this would allow him to leave the amp home.

     2 - If it is possible to connect a second guitar using a DI, will the POD Farm program 'allow' two seperate guitar 'rig' setups for the different inputs (ie. mic & 1/4" inputs)?

     3 - Is the UX1 compatible with Jamvox? I know thats a competitors product but maybe someone has tried it?

Thanks in advance - John

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