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Using HD500 through VOX AC30 Amp
by Brian_66 on 2013-02-04 07:37:20

Are there any Line 6 HD500 users that play through a VOX AC30 amp that have any particular set-up recommendations? Thanks - Brian

Re: Using HD500 through VOX AC30 Amp
by mdmayfield on 2013-02-04 12:45:16

I'd recommend either:

  • Don't run the Pod through a guitar amp; or
  • Use it only for the stompbox effects, and turn off amp modeling altogether, if you do.

But if you do the latter, you'd probably be better off with an M-series stompbox modeler.

Amp modelers have never been good through guitar amps; though most manufacturers try to include features to make them halfway-usable that way, it's never been a very satisfying way to use them - at least in my opinion.

It's like taking a mic'd guitar amp inside a soundproof box (i.e. the HD), and running the output from that mic into another guitar amp. No thanks!

Since I also play keys and it will accommodate both, I use a QSC K8 or K10 active speaker. In the same vein, other PA speakers or keyboard amps work well too.

Re: Using HD500 through VOX AC30 Amp
by Brian_66 on 2013-02-04 13:01:17

Thanks for your reply "mdmayfield". I should have clarified that I have disabled all the amp modeling and do use only the stompbox effects. I was wondering if there were other AC30 users out there,and how they might set amp settings for use with the stompbox effects on the HD500.

Re: Using HD500 through VOX AC30 Amp
by dbagchee on 2013-02-04 16:18:17

I would clarify though that since you can disable the cabinet/mic sims and even the power amp sims, you can actually get a pretty "clean" signal into a regular guitar amp. Not sure if the AC30 has a FX loop but if you run the Pod into the return with cabs turned off (and power amp models turned off at louder volumes) it will probably sound pretty good.

Re: Using HD500 through VOX AC30 Amp
by jsk8et on 2013-03-23 13:19:51

I had to make sure that the signal going into the amp was mono and not stereo, because it didn't sound too good hitting the amp out of phase. When making presets, I suggest reducing the gain on Channel "B" on the mixer in the POD to being completely off so you get a good, transparent sound.

I also found that the "Combo Front" didn't work as well as some of the other Output settings.  I don't recall at the moment which I used.  Sorry.

I never felt like the modulated delays worked as well as my buddy's Timeline sounds, and he was let down by that because Line 6's delay modeling in particular is respected. Remember that you're giong to hear the repeats hitting the fromt of the amp, most likely, so as the delay repeats decrease in volume, they'll actually push the amp less and change a bit tonally.  If you're hitting an input that's already driving, it can get messy (good or bad depending on what you're doing).

The drives sound fine to me.  The modulation effects are pretty good.  I prefer the Opto Tremolo to the others.  Verbs are ok.  Filters are less useful to me most of the time.  You can probably find a useful wah setting.  Pitch effects are a little brittle up high and a little soft in the lows, but you can mix them in tastefully.

I would start with a good clean tone plugging your guitar directly into the amp.  Then, add the POD to the signal path and try to match it.  If you have an A/B switch or some other way to instantaaneously bing the POD in and out of the signal path, even better. Once you get a good match or at least a useful "dry" sound, start sorting through presets.  Since the POD goes pretty deep down the rabit hole, you may find some great sounds are hidden and others that are almost great may become more elusive as you tweak things.  Having some references to listen to is a good idea so you don't lose perspective on what you think sounds "good."

A final tip is to consider leaving space for an EQ or two in your effects blocks to help give the amp what it needs.  I have one at the end of my blocks to help clarify the mids and thicken the low end a bit.  Combining them with other pedals to me triggered by the same fotswitch can help you out, too, if an effect by itself misses the mark.  Every amp is different. 

Use your ears more than your eyes.  Good luck and goodspeed.

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