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Re-wire Variax?
by Blues_man001 on 2013-02-04 12:00:47

Anyone have any info on hard wiring the pickups from a Variax 500 to the piezo input on main-board?  I've seen a few pictures on donor sites, but nothing in depth.  Especially the name of the piezo plug (8 in-line pins) that connects to the port on the v500 board, and where to buy).  I got a new input jack assembly (turns out it is not for a V500) and in the process of installing, managed to tear off the ribbon connector from the board to the bridge.  My only other option (since my 500 is bricked and there are no longer replacement parts (sucks to be a JTV user in 5 years) is to route out the front of the guitar and install a regular passive pickup and wiring.  Or sell for junk parts. 

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