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Clarifications re: JTV blended sounds using various PODs
by DrDipwad on 2013-02-06 19:22:46

Hey there,

There are a few questions I've seen glancingly addressed here and there, which I'd like someone to answer directly:

1. Which PODs, current and legacy, will work with the James Tyler Variax 89F in such a way that, when I change patches on the POD via MIDI or footcontroller, the Variax sound immediately changes to one saved "in the patch?"

2. If I have one of those PODs, will it be able to "hear" the magnetic pickups and the modeled sounds simultaneously, so that I could blend, say, a clean mag. pickup sound with a modeled acoustic sound? What particular settings to do you need to tweak in the POD patch to make it do that?

3. Let's say I want to split the magnetic pickups out to a real tube amp instead of using the POD's amp modeling, and the acoustic model sounds out to a PA without using the POD to color the sound. Is there a way to program the POD such that it serves as a "splitter" (sending mags out the Left Out to the tube amp, and the acoustic out the Right Out to the PA) and still serves as a "program saver" for the Variax (changing Variax models when the patch changes), but does nothing else (no POD modeling or effects)?

4. Am I correct in thinking that the VDI cat-5 cable sends power to the Variax so the battery never runs out so long as you're using that cable to connect to your rig?

5. Are the magnetic pickups in a James Tyler Variax 89F wired basically like normal magnetic pickups such that, if I wanted to replace them with different pickups, I could do so without it messing up the Variax modeling stuff? Likewise the switch...could it be replaced without messing up the modeling wiring/hardware?

I'm not sure how many of these ideas are things I'd actually do. But I want to understand what the limits of the technology are.


Re: Clarifications re: JTV blended sounds using various PODs
by Rewolf48 on 2013-02-07 04:30:34

Don't know all the answers - you should also check out the POD HD support community">"> more details.

1) Of the current range HD500 and HDPro can control (and be controlled by in a very limited way) a JTV; the 300 and 400 do not have a VDI socket.  The HD Patch saves the JTV Patch and optionally Tone and individual String tuning settings, whenever you change the HD Patch the JTV will change to the saved settings, but obviously the controls on the guitar remain where they were.  You can also use the JTV Volume and Tone knob as additional controllers to vary settings on the HD.

2) Yes.  They have two logical inputs on each patch, so for Input 1 set the source to Variax and Input 2 set the source to Variax Mags.  These get sent to the upper and lower paths in the HD so if your patch is arranged so that the upper and lower paths start on the left each source gets completely independent treatment.  You can use Volume controls or the mixer to control the blend of the two sounds.

3) Yes.  As above, but put nothing in either path and Pan the Upper path hard Left in the Mixer and the Lower path hard right.

4) Yes - many people with VDI cables just take the Battery out. Do NOT use cat-5 network cables for more than testing purposes - they work, but the connector is not intended to wiggled about much and can break either of the sockets.  Instead get a proper VDI or EtherCon cable which as well as being more of an instrument cable in the way it flexes also has Neutrik connectors that match the HD and Guitar and provide a solid and reliable connection.

5) At this point I don't know - there are other discussions where people talk about changing the pickups and it not affecting the Modelling at all, but the switch is a different issue because it controls both analogue and models, besides it is a 5 position sliding switch - what else would you put in its place?

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.