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Stereo Output Jack - Confusion/Question
by webmaestro1 on 2013-02-08 14:30:17

Are any of you using a guitar that has a stereo output jack? If so, I could use your help...

Prior to today, I've always used my HD Pro in a pretty standard fashion: guitar cable into the HD's front input, and headphones in the 'phones jack. That's it. No amp.

I recently had a piezo system installed in my Edge Pro 7, and as part of that install my guitar's standard output jack was swapped with a "4-conductor stereo output jack" (tech's words, not mine). Suddenly I found myself in new territory, with no real clue what I needed for cables and whatnot. So, here's what I've done:

1. 1/4" stereo TRS cable (male-to-male) for the guitar

2. Y-cable (1/4" female stereo to dual 1/4" male mono's) to go on one end of said TRS cable

3. Plug Y cable into the HD Pro's left-and-right line level inputs on the back, with -10db selected

4. Configure said inputs for Input Source 1: Guitar+Line 1, Input Source 2: Guitar+Line 2

This setup works, but when I apply any amount of gain I get a steady, low-level hiss that's kinda annoying. I can quash it with a little noise gating, but first I'd like to make sure I've got my basic setup right. The hiss is only present in the configuration I listed above.

Anyone playing a piezo-equipped JP or similar guitar that can give me some tips?

Re: Stereo Output Jack - Confusion/Question
by webmaestro1 on 2013-02-08 15:31:50


I just unplugged my guitar completely, leaving only the headphones plugged in (for monitoring, of course), and the hiss did not change. It was still there.

So, the hiss isn't coming from my guitar at all. There is something about selecting "line" as the input source that's causing hiss. In other words, with nothing plugged into the HD Pro, when I change the input sources to "Line L, Line R, etc" the hiss starts. As soon as I put the input source back to "guitar" the hiss goes away.

What's going on?

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