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UX 1 cord got pulled out, now doesn't work. Quick help.
by underthecastle on 2013-02-08 17:52:30

Hi guys!

I've been using the line 6 UX 1, for a couple months and it has been working great.

I by accidently pulled the line 6 from its cord pretty hard when it fell from where I had it.

I've by accidently done this before  a couple times and I was able to just plug it back in and it worked fine.

This time, my computers not even reading it, even after I re-installed the software. I also

tried differn't midi cords which didn't work.

Is it possible that since it doesn't light up any more, that its toast?

Thanks, I wanted to double check if theres anything I could do or if I just got to toss it.

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