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Problem loading data from PC to M9
by koukdim on 2013-02-13 11:19:21


I have a problem loading back the saved scenes from my pc to M9.

I am following the steps mentioned here">"> . I m using windows 7, an M-audio midisport uno cable and the midi-ox.

The "saving scenes" instructions are crystal clear and my M9 responds exactly as described.

But...when I try to load anything to the M9 (a single scene or folder or all) I select the "Send/Receive Sysex" button (after loading the saved sysex file from its location in my pc) and a  window pops up saying: SysEX Receive,  (wait for completion)  0 Bytes Received and a "done" button.

The M9 is doing nothing as described above and no data is transferred...

Any help???



Re: Problem loading data from PC to M9
by phil_m on 2013-02-13 13:05:29

It's not quite clear what you're doing on the software side of things. Did you hit the "play" button in the MIDI program you're using? Or is that what the "Send/Receive Sysex" button does"?

I've always had more luck with the Send SX program when it comes to dealing with sysex files.

Re: Problem loading data from PC to M9
by koukdim on 2013-02-14 11:02:29

thanks for your response,

after trying the process for several times it happened a couple of times!! so it looks like there 's something going on with the software.

I came to realise that it had to do with adjusting the midi devices under the options menu (using midi-ox).

So it worked when I activated one Input Device (midisport uno in) and 2 Output devices (microsoft GS Waveable Synth + Midisport uno out).

Thank you again for your time,


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