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POD HD versus Pocket POD tones
by bicoman on 2013-02-15 08:34:09

I recently bought a desktop HD after playin a pocket pod through headphones for a couple of years.

I got a couple of tones out of the pocket pod that were awesome. But I have not been able to recreate anything even close with the desktopHD.

I took the Brit hi gain (marshall) with delay/chorus and turned the drive down to where it was breaking up some but not real hard. Gave me a beautiful ringing crunchy sound with enough breakup so you wouldn't call it clean but you can still hear what I'm playing clearly.

I can't seem to be able to control the breakup very well with the HD. It's either too clean or too dirty. And I just can't get the same bright crunch as the pocket model gave me.

I also loved the tremelo/delay effect that pocket pod had.  The tweeds and blackfaces seemed to have a grittier more realistic tone too.

I have to say, if not for the fidelity issue, the pocket pod has it all over the HD. The HD has a lot more stuff granted. But the VAST majority of it is ********* that is only useful for weird sound effects. They give you  a gob of presets, and all but a handful are just goofy sound effects.

I could have done with 1/4 the effects and MORE AMPS!!!!

Any other former pocket pod users out there that have some advice/input?

Re: POD HD versus Pocket POD tones
by joel_brown on 2013-02-16 05:47:21

The PODHD is not something you just sit down and crank out great tones real fast.  Imagine having 100 foot pedals and 28 amps at your fingertips that you can hook up any way you want.  It'll take a while to put it together.  Line6 should have much better pre-sets to show off what the PODHD could do.  I don't think anybody here will disagree with that.

Check out Meambobo's website at:

Alsoyou should see the post at the top of this forum called Pod HD High Gain Tone Guide.

Plan on spending some serious time tweaking the PODHD and be very patient.  I almost threw mine away several times but then I figured out what I needed to do for the tone I wanted.  It was well worth the effort.

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