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So is the last firmware upgrade the end to the HD500 as we know it?
by bpapina on 2013-02-15 09:15:55

I would love to have more upgrades and I SINCERELY appreciate the last update with the Soldano. I guess since there has been a huge silence for an extended period of time that Line 6 must be cooking up a new piece of hardware that we will have to purchase? I hope not...I would love to invest money in upgrades or feature packs or something that extends the system.

I use my HD500 every week live and in the studio and find it to be an incredible processor that really does a great job simulating nice amp tones with a ton of flexibility. Would love to be able to select feauture that I don't use and add new ones that I would. There are probably 45 effects that I would never use and several speaker cabinets and amps that I would never use. Would love to be able to free up some space in the system to include other features that I would definitely use (just wishing I guess).

Anyway...enough rambling, I just hope that we are not at the end of the development cycle for the HD500. It would be a shame.

Re: So is the last firmware upgrade the end to the HD500 as we know it?
by TheRealZap on 2013-02-15 09:23:40

I would highly doubt it's the last update... they did just get an award for the pro at NAMM....

however, it has been quiet, and they have been largely focused on the new live gear...

but they also announced a JTV 2.0 upgrade, so i think they still plan to work on the whole dream rig.

Re: So is the last firmware upgrade the end to the HD500 as we know it?
by bjnette on 2013-02-19 01:23:49

I agree,

The HD's are great units and very hard to top them with a new hardware release unless it profiles and obtaining the rights to do that up the line could justify a new hardware release.

Right now the HDs have sold well and to continue to support it especially on the EQ perhaps a peak indicator on FX pages or mixer and any amp improvements and intergration to the dream rig is just going to gain even more support for Line 6.

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