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Lost Pod Farm2 tones
by MARKCOURTER on 2013-02-15 20:25:27

Running Pod Farm 2 with my UX1 in Windows XP. Somehow I managed to erase the folder that contains all my PodFarm2 tones. Gearbox is still there, having used Toneport in the past.. I've reinstalled twice but the PF2 tones do not appear. I reinstalled from the Line6 site, but the PF2 tones are not there, by which I mean in the presets. I figured reinstalling would fix my accidental erasure. each time I install into the same folder: C:/ProgramFiles/Line6. I sure would appreciate any suggestions on how to retrieve all those glorious tones.

Re: Lost Pod Farm2 tones
by MARKCOURTER on 2013-02-15 20:40:08

I notice, however, that if I click on File>Open and select PodFarm2, the individual folders (Low Gain, High Gain, etc) appear to be full of  tones. It seems I can manually add each folder separately to my list of presets. A lot of work, but I can do it if necessary. But I would happily entertain other suggestions. Thanks for the help, people.

Re: Lost Pod Farm2 tones
by MARKCOURTER on 2013-02-16 09:05:31

I saw that Hugo had suggested, in another thread, to uninstall then reinstall. sounded like a logical idea. But it didn't work, I still only have Gearbox tones. I confess, I'm at wit's end.

In yet another thread, someone suggested Refreshing the presets folder. But that only refreshes existing folders, and my entire PF2 folder is missing.

Re: Lost Pod Farm2 tones
by MARKCOURTER on 2013-02-16 09:32:23

Well, I found a work-around. Simply scanned the Line6/Tones/PodFarm2  folder, and lo, my presets are back. Can I credit myself with the correct answer? Yuk yuk. Now it's TIME TO ROCK!

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