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by bklixuz on 2013-02-17 08:33:31


im planning on purchasing a pod hd500. it will be plugged into my peavey jsx with a 212 genz-benz g-flex. i dont have budget as of now to spend another for a PA so will have to stick on my jsx for the meantime.

i would like to use the pod soley. its gonna be my first modeller so im fairly new to it and please bear with my noob questions .

iv read that the jsx takes pedals well and as where satch usually plugs his pedals infront of the amp but will a modeller sound good plugged infront of the jsx?

will the jsx add too much color on the pod?

or is the 4CM the best way to connect the pod?

edit: i have also read that its better with keyboard amps. i have an old kb100">"> this do connected on the xlr input?

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