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FBV Mk 1 Device Failure
by mick_51 on 2013-02-23 12:38:10

Hi last weekend playing a gig have a Pod XT Pro connected to a Mk 1 FBV floorboard. In the sound check earlier that day all working fine, come the performance no output from the Pod. Thinking it was patch lead problems, replaced with new. Still no sound. Next on the list swap power amps, still no sound. All this time the floorboard was changing banks and channels ok. It was only when I unplugged the floorboard and switched the Pod off then on, that I had sound at the outputs. As soon as I connected the floorboard up to the Pod again, no sound. Hence I did the gig with no foot control. The gig went well even after the delay starting while I messed about unplugging and plugging in different bits and pieces. I set up the Pod and the floorboard the next day, still not working even though the channels and banks change. I have a Mk 1 shortboard, I tried this and it works perfectly. The faulty floorboard will have to go back to Line 6 for repair.

I was wondering if anyone else has had the same or similar problem.


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