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lvm and standby = pod hd?
by innovine on 2013-02-23 13:04:23


I am a happy owner of a pod hd500, and am now considering a dt25. Most of my playing will be done at low volumes or with headphones. I have read that LVM uses power amp modelling, so if i use standby and the direct outs, are there any tubes used in the path at all, or will the output be basically the same as the hd500?

Is it possible to get any tube distortion from the power amp at levels that wont upset my neighbours? I can get away with playing along with loud unamplified singing, but not much higher than that. I run my hd500 into my hifi and am pretty happy. Would I notice a difference with the dt25 cab and speaker over the emulated ones?

Re: lvm and standby = pod hd?
by puichingho on 2013-02-24 01:02:47

Not entirely related to your question, but in my experience with my DT50 112 with firmware 2.0 and in LVM, standby or not, the direct out is 22 db quieter than in firmware 1.2 and also sound horrible. It's totally un-usable. They must have messed up something in firmware 2.0. Many of us bought the DT for it's modeling and recording ability, but I am afraid it's not quite happening in the latest firmware (the old one is fine though, but then I bought the DT because of the flexibility in firmware 2.0). I do hope it's a different story in DT25.

Re: lvm and standby = pod hd?
by spaceatl on 2013-02-24 06:17:12

Tubes are NOT used in LVM...

Yes, it is possible to get tubes on the direct at low volume...However, you would need to get something like a Weber MASS or some other sort of attenuator to keep the volume in check.

Re: lvm and standby = pod hd?
by innovine on 2013-02-25 00:15:09

The line6 official DT25 page says " The tubes distort less in Low Volume mode so the HD modeling technology picks up the slack and fills out the tone with rich power amp modeling".

This isn't the same as "Tubes are NOT used in LVM".

You yourself said the following in a post a few months ago: "LVM doesn't remove the tube power amp...just scales it to 12 watts AB...It actually saturates pretty nicely in that mode..."

So, I've seen claims saying both that the tubes are not used, and that they are (alibet starved), so what is the deal here? Surely it can be determined, even if it means sticking an oscilliscope in there to see whats going on... The line6 official page on the DT25 clearly says that the tubes distort less. Obviously, "not being used" is also "distorts less" but this strikes me as the ugliest of marketting tricks if true

Re: lvm and standby = pod hd?
by spaceatl on 2013-02-25 18:19:54

Let me clarify...I was answering in terms of your question on the XLR out and how that relates to the power modes...

Tubes are NOT used on the XLR direct output in LVM mode....

The tubes are ALWAYS used to power the attached speaker(s)...

I have read some pretty wild claims by folks that really do not know what is going on inside these amps...

Basically, the tubes run cold in LVM mode and you don't get quite the right color behavior, so that is why the HD preamp modeler changes to FULL amp models in LVM mode...The side effect is that the tube power amp is not needed to feed the XLR direct and you can get signal in standby...In full power mode, the XLR out is fed off the output tranny (power tubes) and the combination of the HD PRE model and the color of the power amp with additional cab and mic modeling comprise the XLR out...thus the XLR out will not function in standby when the amp is in FULL power mode...

Re: lvm and standby = pod hd?
by innovine on 2013-02-27 04:12:42

Thanks for the clarification. I got my DT25 yesterday and am really pleased!

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