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Switching guitars - amp conks out
by rbangle on 2013-02-24 13:58:17

I have a year old 75W spider IV amp with an (older) FBV shortboard. I usually start playing with a 2007 Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom through it and then sometimes switch guitars to either a 2004 PRS Hollowbody or a Fender Jim Root Telecaster with EMG active pickups. When I switch, I sometimes leave the amp on and unplug the cord from the amp, then switch tte cable to another guitar, then replug the cord into the amp. At least a couple of times when I have done this, the volume dies completely (with a similar volume setting on the new guitar) and I get no sound from the amp. I thought at first it was the guitar or a bad cord, but now I suspect it is the amp. Is it possible that the amp is "confused" somehow by my making the switch to a different guitar? I thought I should perhaps try turning the amp completely off during the guitar change as an experiment next time, but I left the amp at my buddy's house and can't get back there for another week. Meanwhile my curiosity is killing me, so I thought I'd ask on this site in the meantime. Any advice out there? Thanks

Re: Switching guitars - amp conks out
by fflbrgst on 2013-02-25 06:36:50

I've never had that problem - my Spider IV 75 is about 18 months old now.   I always use the FBV volume pedal to lower volume to 0 first.  However, your problem could be the guitar with the EMGs.  I have read here of people with active EMGs who lose the volume when they turn the guitar's volume up past a certain level.  Seems like a voltage mis-match with the Spider's input section.  The solution for this was to run the guitar through a stompbox first.

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