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POD X3 PRO, 2nd guitar on 2nd Tone, with inverse volume saving issue
by reneverhoeven on 2013-02-25 08:44:40


Me and my brother have the X3 pro, and i would like to do the next.

I have a dual tone sound, and i want to use my untouched output as the backup sound for my 2nd X3 Pro (brother's)

My Brother uses the same X3 Pro, and my direct out has to go in "Tone2" While his own sound goes thrue "Tone1".

Guitar1 -> Tone1 -> Amp1

Guitar2-> Tone2 -> Amp1

Between Tone1 and Tone2 i use the volume pedal, Tone1 normal, and Tone2 inverse. This may only be used in "1C" channel, when i switch to channel "1A, 1B or 1D" The Tone2 must be quied.

But when i try to program that with Gearbox, it worked...... When power-down the laptop+X3-Pro after "put to X3" comando, and power-up the X3-Pro, all channels has the same Tone2..???? What am i doing wrong?

Greetz Rene

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