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HD PRO annoying noise!
by adambeam on 2013-02-25 12:58:32

Line6 HD PRO, I'm having a problem with my line6 HD PRO, I bought this last year and it works fine, all of a sudden my HD PRO creates annoying noise outputs, and the noise is getting louder when I'm connecting the usb to my computer.

Even though it's not connected the noise is too loud unlike before, I've already did some options like trying other cguitars, cables, power outlets but I'm still experiencing a big big problem. Please Line 6 I need this to be fix ASAP

Re: HD PRO annoying noise!
by MelThorpe on 2013-02-25 16:49:21

Does it happen with a different computer? Also, is your computer recognizing it as an output device? I know when I have Logic open and I connect my HD Pro it pops up a box asking if I want to use it as a sound card.

Does it happen on every patch/setlist?

Re: HD PRO annoying noise!
by spikey on 2013-02-25 17:50:06

Turn your computer and monitor off. Now just use your guitar and cable that you have been using when there wasnt any noise into the Hd Pro and listen with the same headphones/speakers you used before with no noise. Do you still hear the new noise? If you do, replace the speakers with headphones (or another speaker/amp) and if u have access to another guitar and cord use them now. Do you still hear the same noise? If so, its coming from the HD Pro.  Repair time Im afraid at this point.

Re: HD PRO annoying noise!
by adambeam on 2013-02-26 01:20:30

@MelThorpe, yes all of my patches, even on cleans, except for the bypass. Even though I'm not connecting my HD PRO into my computer I'm still having the same proble.

@spikey tried it, I even move the HD PRO into a different room and outlet, still has the obvious and annoying noise. It seems like the HD PRO is grounded, I'm not so sure.try 

I even tried using different inputs, outputs, settings and nothings happen, still has the very loud noise.

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