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dirtboxes in hd500 loop
by efjbdejong on 2013-03-02 15:16:27

I really want to use the wah of the hd500 with my dirt stompboxes.

To get this right I need my dirt boxes in the loop of the HD. I tried this but can't get good results. Sounds different than in front.

Anyone can give me clues?


Re: dirtboxes in hd500 loop
by jimsreynolds on 2013-03-03 05:54:56

Make sure the loop level switch is set to 'Stomp' rather than line.   You should hear a level change when you move the switch. 

On the FX Loop block controls, leave the send and receive levels at 0dB and the Mix at 100%.

I guess you are putting the 'FX Loop' block in after the 'Wah' block to get what you want, yes?   Needless to say 'Wah before Dirt' sounds different to 'Dirt before wah' ...?

be mindful of the output level on the dirtboxes.  You may find that boosting or backing off gets you back to what you were looking for.

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