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Is there a Timeout function on the POD HD500?
by dylantan on 2013-03-03 04:44:48

This happens every single time I am on stage. While preparing, everything works fine. Then, the group takes a break and return usually after 20 minutes or so. The HD500 makes no sound. The sound returns after I step on another preset and back to the one I left before the break. I believe I am on the latest firmware. We're direct to PA and all other musical instruments does not experience any of this silence.

Re: Is there a Timeout function on the POD HD500?
by vidaljuanes on 2013-03-03 04:54:22

Hola, tienes conectado el PC cuando tocas?

sin no tienes el PC conextado deberias volver a actualizar con el Monkey los drivers.

espero te ayude.

Hello, you have connected your PC when you play?
if you have the PC conextado should go back to the Monkey update drivers.

I hope to help you.

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