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Some Questions regarding this system
by litesnsirens on 2013-03-04 19:29:18

I am currently using a couple of Bose L1 model II systems with the new B2 subs.  I play in a 4 piece band and for most situations this setup performs quite well.  I do find however that in some venues there just doesn't seem to be enough power.  The system has built in protection, so if you push it too hard it does some whacky things.  I love the fact that I can set these up behind the band meaning I don't need monitors, and you can't beat them for lightweight portability but I'm feeling the need to get something that will perform at any venue I have to play.

I will maybe see about getting my hands on some of this gear for a weekend to check it out but in the meantime I'd like to try to get some info here.

1) On the L3t, there is a mixer section on one side, presumably to be used if you are using it as part of a PA, and the line in section on another side.  So my question is, are they completely indpendent of one another.  There is feedback suppression on the mixer side, can that be engaged if you are plugging into the PA input side?  I know that the M20d has the same feedback suppression but if I am using a different mixer can I take advantage of the feedback suppression built into the speaker.

2) Again on the L3t, how is the bass response if you aren't using subs?  I imagine that without the subs connected it's going to be full range, but I am just wondering if anyone has just used a couple of L3ts as front of house for a band and how did it work out.

3) Whether I am able to use the feedback suppression on the speaker or if I end up getting the M20d "again" (had one for a day until I tried to use it for recording and found that it has a 1/2 second of latency), I'm wondering if anyone has tried using this system behind the band kind of like I am currently using the Bose systems.   We only really have 3 vocal mics, guitars, bass and electronic drums are all direct.  If there is no way it could work, and providing question number 2 has a favourable answer, I am thinking I could start out with a couple of L3ts and a couple of L2ts for monitors.

It's always a money losing proposition when you have to move from one system to another, so you can understand my apprehension and need to try to learn from others experience before I make a big decision like this.  I could see myself trying to get into some subs at some point but I think I would have to wait until Line 6 comes out with a scaled down sub maybe with a couple of 10s or a single 12" driver.  I've seen the L3s in person and it's just to much of a monster for me to consider carrying around.  I figure since they came out with the L2T and L2M it's a possibility.  I fit all my current gear including lighting into my Mazda 3 sport. 

Re: Some Questions regarding this system
by Sonicstudios on 2013-03-05 07:21:28

I believe I can answer some of you questions.

Question the First: Not sure what you mean by "independant of one another" but if you have something plugged into the line input on the back, AND things plugged into the mixer section on the side, all of those sources will come out of the speaker simultaniously. There is a feedback surpression function on the back of the speaker, designed for using a seperate, non-line-6 mixer, and individual feedback surpressions switches for each channel of the mixer on the side. So to answer the question, yes you can use the feedback surpression without having to use the Line-6 mixer.

Question the Second: Yes the L3T/L3M are full range. Obviously you won't get any really deep bass without the subs. Bass response sounds pretty good to my ears, given the 10" woofers and the cabinet size. In playback mode, you will get a bit more bottom then the other modes. I had to use the two tops without the subs a couple weeks ago, as all our gear wouldn't fit into our vehicles, so we left the subs at home. We play industrial metal with pre-programmed drums and synths, and live guitars/bass/vocals. I would have liked to have the subs there (but then again when I do sound I always use subs unless its a speech/acuostic guitar-type gig) but the show went well and still sounded good without them. A pair of L3T's will be fine for FOH, just don't expect to shake people's insides, and the bass player may want to run his own amp, just to get those deep lows happeneing properly.

Question the third: We always run the PA behind us, as we didn't have the budget, and generally don't have the setup time, to run monitors. The feedback supression is awesome, and we never have feedback issues having the rig behind us. Just make sure you get the tops nice and high, so the band isn't absorbing all the sound from the horn.

In regards to your comment about the subs at the bottom of your post, have you tried lifting/moving them yet? They are unbelieveably light and mobile for a sub in it's power/size class. I can lift one up to chest hight with one hand. K i'm a pretty big/strong guy, but those subs would be no problem lifting for 2 able bodied adults. They also have titlt-back wheels, for moving around on flat surfaces. I also own a Mazda 3 sport (had about 6-7 weeks now, love it!) and as roomy as it is, a pair of subs would take up most of the space in there (not even sure if you could get 2 in.)

Hope that helps. Oh and check out the bags for the tops that L6 makes, for portability. They're a little expensive, but they're really well designed. Luggage wheels, nice padding, and a flap in the top so you can access the handle on the speaker.

Re: Some Questions regarding this system
by litesnsirens on 2013-03-05 10:20:22

Thanks so much for that detailed response.  Very helpful!!  I'm going to give this some serious throught and consideration.

Re: Some Questions regarding this system
by groovedggr on 2013-03-05 21:11:19

I love the DreamStage. It all sets up fast and the speakers & sub are narrow when setup and load in & out is super easy. I've set up speakers behind and off to side with no problem. I use the ipad to control M20d and it's fun to invite guest musicians up on stage and walk around with mixer/ipad in hand. I am just starting to use live recording - no opinion yet. OR just keep what you got and get an old KB amp with 15' speaker for the drums.

Re: Some Questions regarding this system
by litesnsirens on 2013-03-18 16:32:40

Well, after some more research and a bit of field testing, I'm pretty certain I'm going to be diving into this system.  I'll start with 2 x L3t, 1 x L3s and a M20d. Hopefully add a little more as time goes on in the way of speakers for monitoring.

I was able to buy the L3t's from Long and McQuade with the idea I can either return them within 30 days if they don't work out or just redo the deal working my Bose in as trades. From the rehearsals so far using the L3t's I'm really impressed.  Feedback filters do wonders the sound is nice and clear.  I also have to admit my guitar tone sounds much nicer through this system and I loved my guitar tone through the Bose. Through the L3t though it really kicks butt.

I have a gig this coming Saturday night which will allow me to test it for live setups.  We'll bring monitors but initially try to set up with the speakers behind us (on poles).  I won't have the sub or the M20d yet, but that gig we'll probably mostly run vocals and my guitar through it.  If it kicks butt like I think it will, I can only imagine with the other pieces in place it'll be that much better.

Re: Some Questions regarding this system
by groovedggr on 2013-04-21 09:02:03

Congrats on the DreamStage, I am wondering how the system is working with your electronic drums during live show? I've used the system with bass direct and set the crossover to 80 and worked well in tight areas where no room for bass amp  (I use LINE 6 cables). Now I recently purchased the Roland TD-11 module for my V-drums in practice room - low volume. Wondering if I should bring V-drums for some live shows. How is it going for your live shows? Thanks

Re: Some Questions regarding this system
by litesnsirens on 2013-04-22 18:59:31

The TD11 kicks serious butt through this system.  I only have one L3s but it handles everthing nicely.  I am thinking of getting another L3s but I would probably only bring it for the really big venues or outdoors.  It may take you a bit to build some kits you really love in the TD11 just because it's really flexible, I use the high pass filter to tighten up the sound.  I don't remember my settings exactly but it's easy, you'll have no trouble dialling it in.

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