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Trying to decide on a new mixer
by linesixy on 2013-03-06 16:23:18


I'm considering the purchase of a new digital mixer and I guess the main contenders for me are currently the Line 6 M20d or the Mackie DL1608 (any comments on the relative merits are welcome).

I see that there are dedicated speakers for the M20d... but does the mixer work OK with other manufacturers' power amps and speakers? I've invested in other PA equipment... so I don't want to replace my amps and speakers.  (I'm currently using EV CP3000S power amps with EV ZX5 speakers for FOH and EV ZX1 speakers for monitors.  At the moment I'm using an Allen & Heath GL2400 analogue mixer... which sounds great.. but I'm looking for something a bit smaller and lighter - plus the added processing offered by digital could be very useful)

On the M20d, the feedback suppression system looks like it could be very useful... but as my band uses vocal mics and we also mic up guitar amps (and guitar feedback is something I want to preserve - not eliminate) I'd want to suppress feedback on vocal mics but not on the mics that I'm using in front of guitar speakers. Is this possible?

Also, is the feedback suppression 'dynamic'... by that I mean does it continue analysing 'problem' frequencies throughout a gig (so that it constantly resets the frequencies that it's 'notching')... or is it a 'set once' type feature (so that the notch frequencies are fixed until the anti-feedback process is initiated once more)?

I want to make sure I buy the mixer that suits my needs.... so is there a good reference document that I can get hold of which will explain all the set up procedures etc for the M20d (I assume it's possible to download manuals... in which case, which manual would you recommend that I read?)

Many thanks for your help.

Re: Trying to decide on a new mixer
by ArneLine6 on 2013-03-06 16:44:20


The StageScape M20d has analog outputs besides the Line6 Link digital network. The analog outputs work very well with any power amp or powered speaker. The feedback suppression operates separately for every input. If a frequency is filtered on e.g. the vocal microphone this does not affect other sources e.g. the guitar. The signal is constantly analysed and the feedback suppressor adapts to new feedbacks coming up. The feedback suppressor uses very narrow notch filters so you will not hear a difference. You can find the Advanced User Guide here:


Re: Trying to decide on a new mixer
by linesixy on 2013-03-06 16:51:05

Many thanks for the rapid reply.

Just to check on a point... is it possible to enable feedback suppression on some channels... while disabling it on other channels?

Also... if I'm getting feedback from the interaction of a vocal monitor and a vocal mic... will the feedback suppression deal with that?


Re: Trying to decide on a new mixer
by dboomer on 2013-03-06 21:28:23

Yes you can select activate feedback management on individual channels.

And yes to your second question.

Re: Trying to decide on a new mixer
by jeanpicasso on 2013-03-07 02:38:21

I got M20D about a week ago, after testing it up against DL1608.

In my opinion its not at all fair to compare the 2 against each other because the M20D is in a whole other league then DL1608. But it kinda should be, being almost twice the price.

Of course there is some things in favor for DL1608. Price, size, weight, number of aux out, ease of setting up to remote control from ipad.

There a good deal of info about the specs pros and cons for the two mixers, so Im not going to get in to that.

I tested DL1608 with my band (trio). None of us are sound engineers by far although we have all been playing gigs for many years now without a sound guy.

  1. It took us around 1 hour to get a ok sound for our little room. I believe we are having the worst possible conditions for making a good sound. We are using our ordinary PA (2 Ev subs and 2 Ev tops)pointing right at us, and are sitting WAY to close to it, in a very small room. J

We still had a lot of problems with feedback (understandably enough) and not really being able to separate the instruments. Acc guitar and Cajun makes A LOT of feedback.

I believe we would be able to get a better sound if we got some help, or used a couple of hours to adjust EQ and dynamics.

DL1608 is a very cool mixer no doubt about it.

Yesterday we tried M20D.

Same setup.

It took us about 20 minutes to set everything up on the mixer. It is unbelievably easy!

I can honestly say that we have never had a sound that good for a rehearsal session before.

We pretty much just used the presets for the different inputs, Tweaked it a little bit using the xy pad. easy as cake and awesome results.

The feedback suppression did its thing while we were playing. We didn’t even notice it, but suddenly we had the best sound ever.

Of course we had to push the envelope, so we turned the volume up, and still no feedback (just a little bleeding from the ears.. lol).

The auto trim kept our vocals in the sweet spot for harmonies the whole session.

Everything was clear and separate.

I takes a little getting used to not having the normal faders, but its not a major issue for me.

Oh well, I think I can go on forever about how great I think this mixer is, but its really worth every single cent. Its that good and gets my warmest recommendation for sure.

Re: Trying to decide on a new mixer
by ArneLine6 on 2013-03-10 12:40:23

There are also some videos and documents that might be helpful:


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