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System Menu does not come up/except when it does - from the wrong button push
by davieblint on 2013-03-10 09:56:30


I have an X3 Live that I use in the studio, and recently, I decided I wanted to control patch changes via a MIDI pedal.  Simple, right?

No.  Not simple.

First of all, all of my software, hardware, firmware are at the latest version - I've just updated them all.

So the manual tells you to hold down the four way button for two seconds, and the system menu will appear.

That generally doesn't work, although once in a blue moon, it will take you to a different menu, something to do with Tones and output levels.

My interest is in performing the very simple act of setting the midi receive channel - that's all I want to do.

By exploring, I found by accident, that pushing the HOME button, that a SYSTEM MENU of sorts would appear, but it looks nothing like the one shown in the manual !

In fact, it has two or three LAYERS of print, all on top of each other, creating an unreadable scramble.

Yet, the display works fine with patches, I can switch patches with Gear Box all day long, and the display is normal - so I don't think the display is bad.

So back to this unreadable SYSTEM menu - once I push the HOME button to call it up (although all the manual swear this should be the four way "HOLD FOR SYSTEM" button - but not on MY X3 - I can then turn the HOME button, and see menus changing - but ALL of them are utterly unreadable, because text is "stacked" upon text.

So I cannot locate or read the menu that says MIDI - I can't see the word MIDI anywhere, and I certainly can't find the screen where you set the MIDI Receive channel.

Anyone else had this problem?

This is just strange.

Thanks for your help!


Re: System Menu does not come up/except when it does - from the wrong button push
by davieblint on 2013-03-10 10:31:12

Update - further experimentation gets me to a "1/4 inch outputs" menu - but again, I cannot find the MIDI area, can't find where to set the MIDI channel...

That seems like such a simple thing - why can't I see MIDI in any of the menus?

I don't think it's's just not there!

Dave :-(

Re: System Menu does not come up/except when it does - from the wrong button push
by db0451 on 2013-03-10 15:22:44

HOME says, right below that text, HOLD FOR COMMANDS. So that's not the SYSTEM menu, of course.

Guess where SYSTEM is? Not on the 4-way navigator, but on the OUTPUTS button, which says, again right there on the button, HOLD FOR SYSTEM.

Re: System Menu does not come up/except when it does - from the wrong button push
by davieblint on 2013-04-14 09:51:35

Perhaps my initial message was unclear.

When I HOLD the output button - NOTHING HAPPENS.  Absolutely nothing.

When I hold the INPUTS button, I get two menus AT ONCE (on TOP of each other; overwriting each other; creating an unreadable mass of characters) - one of which is the SYSTEM MENU.

It's unreadable - like laying two pages of print atop one another so you end up with an unreadable mess.

Holding the output button doesn't bring system - remarkably, despite the thinly veiled you-must-be-an-absolute-idiot sarcasm in your helpful ?? reply.... it brings NOTHING, and the INPUT button, which yes, I can read, and yes, my IQ is higher than 40, brings...both SYSTEM and COMMANDS I am guessing.

Which means - this unit is fucked up.

Perhaps a factory reset might work...but it will fuck up all my voices probably.

I don't know, but, as much as I appreciate the help, I can read between the lines, and you may be the most intelligent, superior super-bitchin guitarist in the whole world, but assuming someone is stupid is insulting, not called for, and does nothing positive.

I could retaliate with a big personal attack on you, but I will leave those to you - you seem to have it wired.

Speaking to an adult as if they are a mentally challenged two year old, "Guess where SYSTEM is?  .... "again, says right there on the button..."


Also, if you'd read my original complaint PROPERLY, you might have realised that I already knew everything you "told" me - except, it's defying the logic of what's SUPPOSED to be happening.

I will say it one last time then, just in case you didn't get it the last two times:  When I HOLD the INPUT button, it brings up TWO MENUS at ONCE - on top of each other, one is the system, the other, I assume, is COMMANDS.

From holding the INPUT button.

HOLDING the output button brings....NOTHING.


I have lost interest, but I am disappointed - I expect a community of polite professionals, and instead, I am spoken to as if I am an idiot...not even veiled sarcasm, but outright sarcasm and assumption...

Thanks for that, just what I needed.  Any polite people out there, who can help or make useful suggestions - PLEASE HELP.  I am not an idiot, I am trying to solve a problem, but db0451 (note - hides his real identity) has treated me like crap - if it were up to me - a warning from the forum owner at least, if not sn outright ban...again, it says RIGHT THERE ON THE blind, stupid person...."HOLD FOR SYSTEM".  This is no way to treat strangers or new folk.

Now no one will help me - but at least I spoke honestly, and I do condemn YOUR condescending approach - sarcasm is never pretty, but speaking to a complete stranger and just ASSUMING they are a fecking  That shows some real charm and maturity, it really does - impressive.

Nice one.

:-) :-)


I was taught, if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all.

All the best...

Re: System Menu does not come up/except when it does - from the wrong button push
by silverhead on 2013-04-14 10:15:22

Try reinstalling the device firmware. Use Gearbox to back up your existing presets (voices?) first.

If reflashing the firmware doesn't help then I would open a support ticket to deal with Line 6 Tech Support directly.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.