A powerful system that’s remarkably easy to use.

Like all Line 6® digital wireless systems, Relay® is incredibly easy to set up. Simply pick any available channel and the transmitter and receiver lock together—automatically.


Withstand the rigors of the road.

Relay digital guitar wireless systems come in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of every guitarist—choose a model that’s rack ready or perfect for your pedal board. Featuring premium components housed in tough metal or polycarbonate, Relay systems are rugged, reliable and ready for the road.



View essential information at a glance.

As a guitar player, Relay gives you instant access to the features you care about most—no more digging through menus to access essential functions. With clear, easy to read visual displays, Relay guitar wireless makes it simple to monitor battery levels and switch channels on the go. Breeze through setup and focus on your performance.

Relay bodypack transmitters feature clear LED displays of power and audio status. Plus, the G50, G55 and G90 models are equipped with LCD screens that display channel information and battery level. And all Relay receivers come with bright multi-segment LEDs that let you monitor data link and audio status.