Danny Kongos



The brothers KONGOS--multi-cultural, multi-faceted, multi-instrumentalists—craft a unique and irresistible sound spawned from shared DNA, diverse influences and spot-on melodic and lyrical sensibilities. On Lunatic, their 12-song sophomore album, the band’s talent shines on “Come with Me Now”; the title an impossible-to-resist aural summons, the rock-alt crossover tune kicking off with the accordion, jumping into foot-stomping, staccato rhythms, slide guitar, and soaring epic soundscapes reminiscent of U2. Egomaniac followed, taking the KONGOS sound into the future while still keeping the staples, accordion, slide and stomp. Live the brothers are as dynamic as their records. Anthemic choruses, vocal harmonies and solos all make for palpable energy at a KONGOS show.

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