Ryan Philips

Story of the Year


Ryan is the lead guitar player & chief music composer for the platinum selling rock band Story of the Year. He also plays the same role in the band Greek Fire.

As a founder member of Story of the Year, Ryan and his band have released 5 albums to worldwide critical acclaim and have toured the world extensively over the last 14 years. Along with bands like The Used and My Chemical Romance, Story of the Year played a pivotal role in bringing the screamo / emo / post hard core genre into the mainstream and influencing a generation of new bands.

Growing up in St Louis, MO, Ryan was a skateboarder and BMX rider, and discovered the guitar at the age of 14. Some of his skateboard crew also starting playing instruments, and soon life solely revolved around skate sessions and band practice with friends. Those same skateboard buddies wound up being the singer and drummer for Story of the Year.

In 2002, having lived in California for only a few months, Story of the Year were offered an opening slot on a GoldFinger tour after singer / producer John Feldman saw the band’s EPK. After the tour, SOTY signed to Maverick Records, John Feldman produced Story of the Year’s near platinum debut album Page Avenue, and the rest is, as they say, history.

Ryan currently resides in St Louis, MO, writing music full-time for a new Story of the Year record, while staying creative working as a freelancer photographer when a guitar isn’t in his hands.

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