Propellerhead Record + Reason: Mixer Tips & Tricks #2: Pattern Tremolo

By  Line6Piper

Line6Piper (aka Matt Piper) teaches you how to create a Pattern Tremolo effect using the CV Level Input on a channel of Record's mixer. Matt is the in-house Propellerhead  Product Specialist at Line 6, and the author of the acclaimed instructional guide, Reason 4 Ignite.

Each channel on the mixer in Propellerhead Record features CV (control voltage) inputs for the volume level fader, and for the stereo pan control. In the following video, I connect the CV output of an LFO (low frequency oscillator) to the CV Level In on a mixer channel for a guitar track. This produces a tremolo effect. If I had instead connected the cable to the CV Pan In, that would have produced a stereo panning effect. The LFO I used is part of the SubTractor Analog Synthesizer included with Propellerhead Reason. In the video I also use automation to control the LFO Rate, resulting in a Pattern Tremolo effect similar to the one included with the new free v2.0 update for POD X3 and POD X3 Live. (Pattern Tremolo is also included with the M13 and M9 Stompbox Modelers.)

After watching the video, if you try this yourself, you may also want to try automating changes to the Wave Type on SubTractor's LFO 1 for even more interesting effects.

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