Propellerhead Community: Reason 101

by Line6Piper

There is a great online network of talented people creating and sharing information for users of Propellerhead Record and Reason software. From time to time I will be highlighting some of these resources for you. This time, I'd like to draw your attention to

Reason101.jpg is the creation of Robert Anselmi, known as "chainstyle" on the Propellerhead User Forum, where he is an active and helpful participant. is chock full of patches, tutorial videos, and articles produced by Anselmi, as well as links to videos and patches created by other Propellerhead users. The tutorials on the site are aimed at users who have at least a basic understanding of the software, have already read the manual, and are ready to go a little deeper. A major aim of the site is to find ways to think "outside the box" and use the software creatively. All information and videos on the site are available free of charge, and active particiaption and comments are encouraged.

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