Lithium-ion Batteries: The Power Behind the Pleasure

When we set out to bring the new James Tyler Variax® guitar to life, we knew we needed to bring its power management into a new era. To accomplish this we chose a lithium-ion battery similar to that of a camcorder – the kind we are all familiar with. This battery delivers at least 12 hours of continuous performance. We also threw in a 4-LED battery life meter so that you always know how much rocking time you have left.

Another cool feature helps to maximize battery life. When most of us are done with sound check or taking a break during a set or rehearsal, we roll down our volume before setting down our guitar. When you do this, the DSP goes to sleep after a few seconds. So with your cable still plugged in, you are not using battery power.

Couple questions you may be asking:

1. Does it wake up instantly or is there a delay?
There is no delay. In fact, you can do a volume swell from sleep and you will not notice the DSP wake up at all.

2. When using the VDI (Variax Digital Interface) cable, will the guitar go to sleep?
No, when using the VDI the power-save mode is defeated.

3. Can I use an off-the-shelf battery?
No, our battery is proprietary so that we could provide you with the battery life meter. One battery will ship with the Korean-made guitars, two will ship with the USA-made guitars. (Extra batteries and chargers will be sold at the Line 6 store.)

Until next time,