On The Road with Mike Longworth and Loads of Line 6 Gear

Back in March, 2010, customer-service superstar Line6Miller had a chance to chat via text message with Kisses For Kings/Mest guitarist Mike Longworth. They talked about the Line 6 gear Mike uses and relies on live, as well as some of his other musical projects and backgrounds.

Rick: Hey Mike! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me a bit. Before we get into anything else why don’t you tell us a little about your musical background?
Mike: Hey Rick…No problem. At the tender age of 14 I heard “Master of Puppets” for the first time and haven’t been the same since. A few years later I got my first guitar and began playing in bands in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. After several years, I realized I couldn’t find people as serious as I was about making music. I had a few friends that had moved to Los Angeles and had pretty successful music careers, so it seemed like a logical step for me to make the move.
Rick: Living the dream for sure. You moved out here as a guitar player but shortly landed a gig playing bass for “Prong”. That must have been a trip!  What’s it like playing with, and going on the road with Tommy Victor?
Mike: A nightmare!! No, just kidding. I love Tommy! He’s a legend. True…I was a guitar player until I joined Prong. Before that I approached bass just like a guitar. Tommy and Prong really taught me how to look at bass rhythmically and lock into the groove with the drums. Most of the songs, the bass is doing its own thing with the drums so I had to learn how to hear things differently. Touring with him has also been amazing. He’s a seasoned veteran of the road and I’ve learned a lot about the world.
Rick: So you rocked a Line 6 LowDown® while out on tour with Prong. Tell us about your setup and what you liked about it.
Mike: I went totally Line 6! Lowdown 750 head and Lowdown cabs. I like the variety of sounds I can get from that head. Some songs I need a clean sound and some I need a very distorted sound. And never had a problem losing the low end. The cabs sound great too. Nice and light. I didn’t even throw them in the road cases. They took a beating and still sound and look great! The studio direct output made it a breeze for sound guys too.
Rick: Nice! Now, you’re a guitar player first and you recently went out on the road in Australia with pop punk icons Mest. Tell us a little about that tour and what gear you brought out with you. From the pics you sent me, it looks like the entire band was rocking Line 6!
Mike: Our North American tour we used an entire Line 6 backline. Tony Lovato, the singer, has been using a Vetta head for years and recently upgraded to the Vetta™ II. I used a Spider Valve™ Head and also brought out a Spider® HD150 and SV cabs. The bass player used my Prong bass rig. We threw some white spray paint on everything and it all looked cool! Unfortunately, we couldn’t bring it all on our Australia tour in November so we packed in a couple of M9’s and brought those over. When you can’t have the full rig, the pedals do the trick!
Rick: M9 to the rescue! So what’s your next for Mike? Any new projects we should be on the lookout for?
Mike: As a matter of fact yes! I have a new band called Kisses For Kings that I got going with Tony Lovato. I handle the guitar and bass. When we tour, I play guitar. We just recorded a 6 song EP that we are shopping and preparing to release. It’s definitely a lot different from Prong or Mest, but hey, I like it all.

The 6-song EP, titled Forget to Remember, is available now at www.kissesforkingsmusic.com.