Variax Workbench Software

We decided to hang on to the Virtual Capo video for the moment, to spread the news that every James Tyler Variax® digital modeling guitar will be shipping with Variax® Workbench™ software!

Variax Workbench is your virtual custom shop. Choose from famous guitar bodies, pickups, pickup placement, tone and volume controls, and tweak away until you’ve designed the guitar of your dreams – without choking on sawdust!

This combination USB interface/software package for James Tyler Variax guitars allows you to see and hear the physical changes to your custom guitar in real-time. Ever wonder what a single-coil pickup would sound like on a hollow-body guitar tuned an octave down? Probably not. That’s because it wasn’t a reality – until now.

Currently, Variax Workbench is an indispensible tool for many power-users of first-generation Variax guitars. Coming soon, these power-users will post their Workbench secrets so you can get their tones!

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