Propellerhead Community: Peff's BitCrusher BC3 Combinator

Peff, aka Kurt Kurasaki, is constantly coming up with innovative and inspiring ways to use Propellerhead Reason and Propellerhead Record. Some of his fine work can be found in the Record and Reason Soundbank ReFills, and he regularly posts on his blog about new ideas he's trying out, providing food for thought along with several excellent free downloads of the latest goodies he's cooked up in Reason and Record.

With all the huge new improvements to Reason 5 and Record 1.5 (Neptune, Kong, Dr. Octo Rex, Live Sampling, and Blocks), it might be easy to overlook several smaller improvements that Propellerhead has introduced into the new versions. One device that has been improved is the Combinator. Besides the addition of hierarchical destination menus in the Combinator Programmer, a very useful new feature is the inclusion of direct CV (control voltage) inputs on the back of the Combinator. Peff makes use of these inputs in his dynamically controlled BC3 BitCrusher Combinator. Click the image below to learn how Peff created the effect, how to use the effect (and how to modify it), and of course, download it for your own use.

If you've already started using Reason 5 and Record 1.5, I hope your creativity is flowing and that you are making lots of new music!

-Matt Piper