Dialing In Spider Valve MkII Tones: Pt. 2

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By Rowbi

This is the next installment of my 4-part series of blogs looking at dialing in great tones on your Line 6 Spider Valve MkII guitar amplifier. (Did you miss blog #1? Take a look.)

For these blogs I have been using the computer editor Spider Valve MkII Edit, which is compatible with both PC and Mac®. You can download it for free here and, using MIDI or an FBV™ MkII Express or Shortboard foot controller, you can connect your Spider Valve MkII to your computer.

This second blog will focus on dialing in metal tones, based on those of a Mesa Boogie® Dual Rectifier®, from high gain to REALLY high gain. I will be using two different amp models from Spider Valve MkII:

Metal Amber: Inspired by a modern sounding Dual Recto – punchy with a tight bottom end.

Insane Amber: Shredders Paradise - "Dual Rectum Frier," inspired by a Recto red channel, with the intensity and impact of the metal amber but with more mid-range and more gain.

So check out the video, and leave me some of your comments below. Also check out the rest of www.line6.com for more info on the Spider Valve MkII amps, and check out my own website http://www.rowbinet.co.uk.