CMJ 2010: One Down, One to Go

Lots of great music, lots of great people, a scheduling mishap that threatened to undo an entire CMJ event (welcome to the rock and roll business), and we’re officially halfway through our own little CMJ music marathon.

Today’s Planetary Group/Future Sounds party was a great success. (No surprise, they’ve been throwing this annual daytime bash for years.) They churned out 12 bands on 2 stages in under 5 hours with the help of 5 Line 6 amps. Add it all up, and you’ve got one exceptional showcase. The strong lineup ran the gamut from Black Dub, the new project of legendary producer Daniel Lanois, to relative newcomers Beyond This Point, an exciting alternative-soul group.

As the bands came off stage, the comments started flying. Zach, touring guitarist from indie-pop outfit Apple Trees and Tangerines, loved the tones he got from the Spider Valve™ 212. “Awesome, solid and super-ballsy” he said, “with a lot of punch.” “It was a nice, thick sound,” chimed in Action, the band’s touring drummer.

The bands were excited, but they weren’t the only ones. Ben, the event’s production manager, got his own satisfaction from the Spider Valve and LowDown backline. “It made it so easy,” he said. “I hope we can work together again!”

So one down, one to go. Tomorrow’s BrooklynVegan party, another dual-stage, six-hour affair, is sure to be a superb event (except for the 8:30am load-in).

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